House Rules

These Guide Lines are designed to make your visit fun and relaxed. If anything is still unclear or you have any questions please speak to a member of staff and we will be happy to help.

    • Whilst our pups are in training we only allow children over the age of 5 to attend our events. We ask for each child to have an individual supervisor at our Pop Up Events. If you wish to book a Private Puppy Party with more children present than adults please send us a message as we may still be able to accommodate your event with a larger amount of our own staff.
    • Movements should always be calm and unrushed when socialising with our Chi’s. Please do not run or move abruptly so as not to cause alarm or accidental harm.
    • Like movement, noises can cause our Chi’s distress. Please keep your voice to a moderate tone and do not allow children to scream or shout.
    • Whilst all our pups love attention please respect their free will and do not try and contain them or restrain them. When approaching let them smell you and move to stroke or pet them slowly once they have seen you so as not to cause any alarm.
    • Our Chi’s are quite partial to a lap but please only lift them if they are already showing interest in sitting with you. They should be lifted from behind their front legs and should never be lifted more than a foot above the ground so there is no risk of injury. If you are sat at a higher chair we suggest you pet them on the ground or move to a lower chair.
    • You’re food and drink is your responsibility so please be aware that our Chi’s love to sneak naughty treats their bellies cannot digest or wag their tails too vigorously near hot drinks! For these reasons we ask that you refrain from allowing a dog on to your lap whilst you are eating or drinking and that anything not currently being consumed be placed on a high table, out of reach of little paws.
    • If you notice any spills or accidents on the floor please alert a member of staff straight away so we can clean anything that may be harmful to you or our Chi’s.

    • As puppies are unpredictable we cannot guarantee whether they will be playful or sleepy, boisterous or cuddly. They are always cute however! If a dog appears to be deeply asleep or is avoiding your touch please respect their space and just take photos rather than attempting to continue petting them.
    • Only our in house Chihuahuas are allowed on site. We will host doggy meet ups once fully opened so do check back but for those new to Animal Cafes please understand the experience is about meeting our pups only.

  • And finally yes, we know you could just ‘sneak one in your handbag’ but please resist the temptation! You are always welcome to come back and visit us again, we promise our girls will be here waiting for you.

For our Pop Up Events or Private Puppy Parties please read these House Rules fully as if these health and safety guidelines are not adhered to we may have to ask you to leave or end a Puppy Party early for the safety and well being of you and our employees (furry and otherwise). These guidelines are designed to make your experience as pleasurable as possible whilst keeping our furry residents just as happy and calm.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are comfortable with our House Rules as a breach of these guidelines may result in a cancellation that will be non refundable. If you have any questions or concerns ahead of your event please use our form to Email Us or contact us by phone so any specific requirements may be assessed ahead of time.