dainty beauty, as regal as her name sake.

  • AKA – Elsa May, Thumbelina, Sassy pants
  • Short, Lilac.
  • DOB – 02/02/17
  • BFF – Duchess
  • Fav Colour – Ice Blue
  • Fav Treat – White Fish
  • Fav Teddy – Squirrel

Elsa is a dainty beauty, who appears as regal as her name sake, The Snow Queen.


A little socially awkward, Elsa loves to invade a lap already taken, and can often be seen trying to sit on top of one of her sisters or squeeze in to a little gap far too small for her to fit! She does this because she likes to feel cosy and can also be tempted to slot in between two laps so that she can get the warmth of your thighs on either side of her as she stretches out.

Like all royalty she enjoys rebelling on occasion and has rock and roll flair. Large choker collars and Hard Rock Cafe hoodies are her wardrobe of choice – even if the rock and roll element is lost a little when you have to buy your hoodies in ‘teddy bear’ size. She is in to her fashion and loves an edgy tee or cool jumper. Apart from her classic rock chick look Elsa’s quirky character has earned her the nickname ‘Alien’ and she has some ‘out of this world’ pieces in her wardrobe!

Despite her fragile appearance, Elsa loves to play wrestle with her much larger sisters and has a feisty streak. She is not afraid of getting muddy and actually enjoys the water the most out of all of our girls. In warm weather she will happily dunk for stones at the loch and puts her whole head under. Despite her brave demeanour in a lot of situations she is one of the most shy around other dogs and has yet to make friends with a dog bigger than a Chihuahua!

Elsa loves to sunbathe and you will be hard pushed to persuade her away from the window area on a sunny day. She loves to perch like a mini sphinx on top of the arm of the chaise lounge or precariously balanced on a cushion.