Elsa – Dainty Beauty

  • AKA – Elsa May, May May, Alien
  • Lilac Smooth Coat
  • DOB – 02/02/17
  • Zodiac: Aquarius
  • BFF – Whoever is feeding her!
  • Fav Colour – Ice Blue
  • Fav Treat – White Fish
  • Fav Teddy – Mr Fox

Despite being named after the snow queen, Elsa does not have a cold heart. Although she is the least likely of all the girls to give you face kisses, she does like to give little satisfied grunts and will use your arm as a pillow if you allow it.


The first thing you notice about Elsa has to be her striking coat. A lot of people struggle to describe her but in dog circles her coloration is known as ‘lilac’ and not grey.

Being a queen, Elsa loves sitting atop a throne. If a throne is not available, she can often be caught making do and using her sisters (especially Cleo) as her seat!


She gets a little FOMO when everyone is playing. She isn’t the biggest fan of toys but she does love a wrestle and to get involved in any mischief her younger sisters, Faery & Hepburn are causing!

When we are out and about on walks Elsa has a bit of a passion for swimming! In warm weather she will happily dive for stones at the Loch, even putting her head underwater!


Despite being brave when out and about she is a bit of a worrier! She sees her role in the pack as being “the guard dog’s guard dog”. She is first to sound the alarm at any surprise or out of the ordinary situation. She will sometimes need extra reassurance from her human pack mates if there is a lot happening in the cafe.

Elsa has very thin fur and likes to get warm in a few different ways. Sometimes she steals her sister’s seats, sometimes she squashes herself between guests to get the warmth, and most embarrassingly for us – she likes to steal the husbands and boyfriends in the room! Unlike her Disney namesake, our Elsa is romantic and actively wants a Price Charming!