Faery – Edinburgh born and loves the city.

  • AKA – Fae Fae, Fat Bum, Potato
  • Red Fawn Smooth Coat
  • DOB – 10/03/17
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • BFF – Hepburn
  • Fav Colour – Pink
  • Fav Treat – Goats milk
  • Fav Teddy – Mini Burger

Faery is an Edinburgh “it girl” born and raised so knows and loves life in the capital! With her beautiful dainty face, she knows she is pretty and always expects to be pampered. She will sneak onto laps and push her sisters out of the way so she can receive the full adoration she believes she deserves.


Every day is a spa day for this dainty diva and if she picks your lap she often expects a back massage. If you are picked for this duty she will position herself so you can get your fingers right into her shoulder blades. If you stop (even to look at a menu or talk to staff) she will throw her head back and check you are still there!

Whilst being the smallest member of the pack, she is actually pretty solidly built and loves spending play time wresting with Hepburn and bossing her sisters around! She loves a toy as well – at the time of writing this her favourite toy is the squeaky burger and at the end of the session she will take it through to the foyer with her. If you spot a dog toy in there when going to the toilet, we guarantee Faery put it there!


Faery has the biggest sense of humour out of all the girls, often laughing at her own jokes! It is almost impossible to tell Faery off when she is being cheeky as she looks up at you, wiggles her bum and pulls her top lip into a smile – it looks like she is trying to make you laugh too!

When we go for a walk, Faery can be a bit of a chancer and sometimes asks to be carried! She’s not as keen on walks as some of her sisters, and sometimes get a bit scared of buses which is fair as she is tiny! However, if there is a piper or a siren on Princes Street she gets very excited as she loves to sing along with them!