Edinburgh born and loves the city.

  • AKA – Fae Fae, Fat Bum.
  • Short, Red Fawn.
  • DOB – 10/03/17
  • BFF – Socialite
  • Fav Colour – Pink
  • Fav Treat – Goats milk
  • Fav Teddy – Pink Flamingo

Faery is Edinburgh born so knows and loves the city.


With a beautifully dainty face she knows how pretty she is and always expects to be pampered. She will often sneak up to the sofa ahead of anyone else for extra cuddles. She loves a back massage and will fall asleep with a little smile on her face if you have a good technique. An absolute softy, Faery never minds being petted but is a true diva and will make you do things her way.

Although the smallest member of the family, she is always bossing everyone else around and holds her own despite being so dainty. She enjoys a good rough and tumble and often spends hours sparring with Hepburn. She has a reputation for being the ‘cute one’ but once you get to know her you realise she is actually a bit of a thug. She loves winding up her older sisters too and will often come up to Ama and punch her on the nose! It is impossible to tell her off though as Faery’s naughty face is ridiculously funny. When she knows she is in trouble she will look right at you, wiggling her bum, and curl her lip in a cheeky little grimace!


Being the smallest member of the pack at slightly less than 2kg walkie time is less exciting to Faery than some of her sisters. When it is time to go out she will be found hiding in a bed somewhere out of the way, hoping she won’t have to put her harness on. Wearing a collar is out of the question for this princess and she will only walk with a harness, and then only just, hating the wet and the cold.

One of the fussiest eaters, Faery has a taste for the finer things in life. Dinner time always brings fresh meat, tasty wet food and after dinner chews. So she frequently turns her nose up at lunch if it’s just doggy biscuits, as she likes to hold out to see if she can sneak something naughty. Don’t be fooled, she has a very high quality doggy diet and really, really can’t digest human cake!