Lady Bee – bundle of energy and joy.

  • AKA – Bee, Bee Bear, Bug, Juicy
  • White Parti Smooth Coat
  • DOB – 02/11/16
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • BFF – Cleopatra
  • Fav Colour – Yellow
  • Fav Treat – Ham
  • Fav Teddy – Mini Tennis Ball

Lady Bee is our happiest chihuahua, but also our most misunderstood.


A clever cookie, Bee loves to do tricks to win people over! She is “left-pawed” and can only give paw with her left hand. She loves playing with toys and is by far the best out of all her sisters at playing fetch. She also loves challenging people to a tug of war, but be warned, she’s tougher than she looks!

She is our hardest girl to woo though, having the worst luck out of any of our girls health-wise. Lady Bee has had a luxating patella in both her back legs, meaning she has had to have two knee surgeries. She has also had two hernias, resulting in two further surgeries. Back in June 2018, she gave us all a scare and went blind. Her condition was mainly reversible but Bee is now a little short sighted.


All of these factors means she can sometimes be a little less sure when settling with you. Unlike her sisters, she doesn’t mind if you lean over and give her fusses when she’s on the floor. A confident scratch on her front shoulders normally goes down well and if you are lucky, you may even get a face kiss from this sassy girl! If she does grumble at you please don’t be offended – this is her way of telling you “I’m a little unsure”. She will still stay on your lap and happily soak up your body heat.

She is fiercely loyal and will sometimes pop over to check on her sisters and give them little kisses! This wonderful sweet side matched with her sass makes her fascinating to know and a firm staff favourite!