bundle of pure energy and joy.

  • AKA – Bee, Bee Bear, Pinky
  • Short, White Parti Coat
  • DOB – 02/11/16
  • BFF – Cleopatra
  • Fav Colour – Yellow
  • Fav Treat – Hams
  • Fav Teddy – Mr Fox

LadyBee is a bundle of pure energy and joy.


Always mischievous she loves to draw the limelight and you can’t help but love her. She can never stop moving and gives wonderfully wiggly kisses, but only to those she really trusts. If you have yet to get to know her she can be quite a diva to win round and will give a lot of attitude if you try to fuss her without her permission.


A total bed bug she always stays under the duvet, snoring, until midday on her days off. When in the Cafe she can often be found in her Totoro bed before lunch time. If she dains to sit on your lap be warned, once curled in to a ball she often wishes not to be disturbed and will give you a cheeky nip if she is no longer interested in being petted but just wishes to use you as a warm bed!

A quick learner Bee learnt tricks at a very young age. As a leftie though she can only do ‘paw’ with her left paw otherwise she gets confused! She loves playing with her toys too, and is the most skilled at fetch. She enjoys challenging people to tug of war too though so you will have to win the toy back off her!

A bit of a wild spirit Bee likes to be free to do as she pleases. She hates wearing clothes and gets very moody when she has to wear a lead for walkies. With her wild nature she is also fiercely loyal and always looking out for her sisters. She will often come up to one of them and give them kisses, just to check in. This wonderful sweet side, matched with her sass makes her a fascinating character to get to know.

You would never know this light hearted soul had such a risky start in life. Bee was very brave as a puppy, being faced with a life threatening hernia and a luxating patella since birth. She made brilliant progress though and never let it faze her. This is why even now she can be very unsure of strangers petting her near her back legs and will prefer tickles by her front legs. Her way of living life to the full is an inspiration.