Terms of Entry

PLEASE READ IN FULL, if you are found to violate any of the below Terms you will not be eligible for entry to the Cafe or may be asked to leave the premises early and will forfeit any rights to a refund.



Term’s of Booking


  • Lateness – Our sessions start and end punctually to allow for dog breaks and to keep a calm and happy environment for our dogs. Please arrive promptly; if you are over 10 minutes late you will not be able to be admitted. Please be aware we are located in central Edinburgh and we strongly advise leaving ample time to park if driving as we are unable to accept any liability for transportation delays.
  • Our facilities close at the end of the session and you will not be able to stay longer than your session time. Bathroom breaks are strongly advised ahead of the end of your session as these facilities are closed promptly at the end of each session.
  • Only our resident dogs are allowed on our premises.
  • We observe a one adult to one child ratio (young adults over the age of 12 are acceptable guardians of a minor).
  • Children under the age of 5 years are not suitable for our experience.
  • Parties larger than 8 persons should call directly to make sure we can comfortably accommodate them.
  • Gift card bookings will need to call or email to be booked in manually.
  • If booking a double session please note these are only bookable for 10:00 – 11:50, 12:30 – 14:20 or 15:00 – 16:50 and there will be a small transitionary period in the middle of your session. This 10 minute crossover period allows some guests to exit and new guests to arrive. The dogs will remain out to interact with during this period.
  • Bookings can be refunded or amended with 72 hours or more notice. We are unable to amend or cancel bookings that are within 72 hours.
  • By booking to come and see us you are agreeing to abide by our Terms of Booking and Terms of Entry, alongside side our full Terms & Conditions. Any breach of these guide lines may result in a cancellation or termination of a session that will be non refundable.


Term’s of Entry


  • Dog beds are a safe haven, NEVER pet a dog in a bed or over crowd their safe space.
  • Our dogs look super cute and friendly but can sometimes be a little shy or nervous.
    • NEVER stare out a dog, looking in to eyes is threatening in the dog world.
    • ALWAYS pet under the chin when getting to know a dog, over head is scary.
    • NEVER lean right over or try to pick up a dog who is not used to you.
    • ALWAYS sit right back in your chair and create a calm, safe place to rest.
  • Conversations should always be at a calm, talking volume. DO NOT squeal, scream or shout; any raised voices, even in excitement, can be very scary to us.
  • DO NOT make rapid or odd movements. Crawling, shuffling, jerking rapidly, running or moving over a dog can all be quite scary for our tiny residents.
  • Cake is poisonous to dogs and high in sugar and other naughty things, NEVER feed a dog human cake. If you are unable to avoid making crumbs please use the high table as dropped cake crumbs are dangerous for us. If you are found to be feeding our dogs cake you will be asked to leave immediately. We have a zero tolerance on dangerous behaviours towards our dogs.
  • Children must be 5 years old or older for admittance. We operate a ‘think 10’ policy; if your child looks under 10 staff may ask to see ID so please have a passport or birth certificate at the ready. If you are unable to produce ID you will not be eligible for entry and will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult on a one to one basis, one adult must always be present for every child. The accompanying adult must not let the child walk away from them for safety purposes. If one adult has more than one child with them ID may be sought for the older child to assure they are over 12 years old. If you are unable to produce ID you will not be eligible for entry and will not be eligible for a refund.
  • All guests are reminded that our dogs are living animals with the right to free movement. Whilst we try our best to encourage dogs to each group we can in no way guarantee interaction and children should be made aware prior to entry that specific dogs cannot be demanded, dogs should never be forcefully contained and children are not permitted to pick dogs up. We sometimes wish to sit on a lap, sometimes beside you and sometimes we wish to play and, in order to receive maximum interaction, staff will advise you of the best ways to interact with your doggy companions.