independent, adventurous soul.

  • AKA – Cleo, Cle Cle, Pumba
  • Long, Fawn Sable Coat
  • DOB – 25/11/16
  • BFF – Lady Bee
  • Fav Colour – Green
  • Fav Treat – Everything!
  • Fav Teddy – Furby

Cleopatra  is an independent, adventurous soul.


She is an absolute tomboy and loves playing rough and tumble with Lady Bee or Duchess. She doesn’t always get other games such as tug of war though and will often try to jump on top of the toy rather than grabbing an end. She is a very considerate play mate and will play very gently with Ama, who she knows does not enjoy rough and tumble to the same degree as Bee or Duchess.

One of our largest Chihuahuas, Cleo doesn’t fit comfortably on a lap and will always prefer to sit beside you. She likes having space to spread out and roll over for belly rubs, her favourite! A very calm personality she is never shy and won’t mind you fussing over her; the only time this is too much for her is if she is too hot, at which point she will often lay flat out on the wooden floor to cool off.

For a Chihuahua she really loves the outdoors and has no qualms about getting wet or muddy. Cleo loves her garden at home especially and will always be at the door, asking to go out. She’s very rarely let out without a close eye though, as she’s so cheeky her outdoor play is never innocent and normally involves chasing birds, barking at the neighbourhood dogs or digging up the herb garden.

Her beautiful big eyes make it seem that butter wouldn’t melt and she knows how to work this charm on new guests. One of Cleo’s favourite games in the Cafe is to pick an unsuspecting victim who has chosen the window seat. She will hop up and sit demurely beside you…waiting. As soon as she sees a dog out on the street though she will let out a piercing guard dog howl that always distresses all her sisters. If you see her up to her tricks don’t be fooled by that big eyed stare and gently turn her around and distract her – it is your duty to keep the peace if sitting in the window seat!