Cleopatra – independent, adventurous soul.

  • AKA – Cleo, Cle Cle, Pumba, Eddie
  • Fawn Sable Long Coat
  • DOB – 25/11/16
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • BFF – Lady Bee
  • Fav Colour – Green
  • Fav Treat – Everything!
  • Fav Teddy – Elephant

A chilled out babe, our Cleo is super trusting with everyone. She is one of our most loving dogs and loves to give little hand kisses in return for belly rubs. She needs a lot of  space to roll over and often prefers to sit next to you as opposed to on your lap!

Cleo loves the great outdoors and loves rolling about in the mud and playing in the rain, much to the disgust of her sisters! Having such glorius thick hair does mean that Cleo can get a little warm in the summer so we had to install air conditioning in the cafe to keep our big floof comfortable!

A polite girl, Cleopatra rarely begs for food and when biscuits are being handed out, she holds back a little. Please don’t forget about her if you are lucky enough to feed us our lunch.

The only time you’ll hear Cleopatra’s voice is if there is a dog barking outside the cafe! Her favourite spot is in the window where she can keep an ear out and sound the alarm if any four legged friends are making a commotion on Frederick Street! She knows this is cheeky behaviour and will often try and get guests to defend her!


Cleo has had a gentle brush with fame, filling in for Mr Piffles in Piff the Magic Dragon’s 2019 Edinburg show. Although she had a lot of fun, our humble girl much prefers letting some of her sisters hog the limelight and clamour for attention!