Yorkshire lass by birth.

  • AKA – The Duchess of Fife, Chiweenie
  • Short, Chocolate Coat
  • DOB – 08/02/17
  • BFF – Elsa
  • Fav Colour – Cream
  • Fav Treat – Rawhide bones
  • Fav Teddy – Rope chew

Duchess is a Yorkshire lass by birth.


Growing up she has always been the biggest of the pack but also the shiest. Her larger persona makes her appear more robust but you will have to go slow if you want to win this lady round. Duchess likes to come to you and backs away when people lean down towards her. You will have to sit back and ignore her for her to find you interesting!

In doggy world eye contact works very differently. If you do not yet have a dog’s trust then staring in to their eyes is seen as a very threatening behaviour. Some of our trusting dogs do not mind this so much but as Duchess is one of our shiest dogs she often will seek reassurance of new people by staring at you. Naturally you would assume this is a look of love and stare back but Duchess actually wants you to look away and give her a little space for her to feel happy and settle with you.

An absolute foodie though, there is one very clear way to Duchess’ heart. Like many of us, Duchess gets very hangry at meal times. If you have come at lunch time you may see her moving from person to person or whining at the kitchen door, giant ears erect. There is no getting this girl to settle when she’s in a mood until after she has had her biscuits.

Once she is happy all the food is gone she likes to curl up for a nice warm snooze with Elsa or Gatsby. At home she is also a total TV junkie and enjoys a good movie after dinner. One of our only girls to show an interest in the big screen Duchess will watch action movies avidly. She also loves a French drama as, like her Aristocats name sake, she enjoys everything Parisian and has been working on her accent whilst also picking up several neckerchiefs and bandanas for fashion flair.


A total bed lover, like Lady Bee, she doesn’t like to get up in the morning. When everyone else runs out of the bedroom, Duchess lays on her back, trying her hardest to look too cute to disturb. She can be a bit clumsy and often manages to fall over when she’s not paying attention or walks in to one of her sisters. Her ditsy personality is very endearing though and makes her fun to watch!