Gatsby – Leggy & elegant

  • AKA – Gats, Golden girl, Twiggy
  • Gold Long Coat
  • DOB – 02/03/17
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • BFF – Nanny
  • Fav Colour – Black & Gold
  • Fav Treat – Salmon
  • Fav Teddy – Tsum Tsum

Gatsby is our part-time chihuahua and sometimes isn’t in the cafe so if you get to meet her, you are very lucky indeed! Gatsby is the only dog with a passport. She’s nanny’s support doggy and best friend.

The most shy member of the pack, Gatsby needs a little more time than her sisters to introduce herself to new people. She often likes to roam around the room and suss out which guests are calm and relaxed, treating her sisters with the sort of gentle love Gatsby prefers – and then she will try and push out her sister from that lap!

Those big ears can pick up every noise in the cafe. She likes to feel safe and secure. Much like a cat, if you try too hard to get her affection you will fail! She doesn’t like the limelight as much as others and prefers to sneak into a lap quietly.


Gatsby’s favourite person in the world is her human Nanny and they spent a huge part of lockdown together. Gatsby now only works part time in the cafe so she can spend some precious one on one time with Nanny, keep some of her routine and so she wasn’t thrown in the deep end as the world reopened!


Away from the cafe, Gatsby loves longer walks than some of her sisters, as it helps her burn off a little extra energy.