Leggy & elegant

  • AKA – Gats, Golden girl
  • Long, gold.
  • DOB – 02/03/17
  • BFF – Hepburn
  • Fav Colour – Black & Gold
  • Fav Treat – Salmon
  • Fav Teddy – Doughnut toy

Gatsby is lean and leggy, with a supermodel frame.


Our shiest member of the pack, Gatsby loves people but can be easily overwhelmed and a bark from her is not excited but scared as she often needs a little more space and to take new friends slowly. Like Duchess, you are best to ignore this shy character and sit back and wait for her to explore you. She takes comfort in her sisters and will often be quite happy to settle down next to you if one of her friends is already with you.

She loves to walk around, parading a toy in her mouth. Her favourites are always soft toys and she currently has a doughnut toy that is permanently being shown off. She will bring it right up to you and then climb on your lap to show you. Quietly loyal, whilst her sisters are being boisterous she will often just come and sit beside you without you noticing – hazardous when you move without realising how close she has got!

One of the most sensitive to noises, Gatsby is easily spooked by a loud bang. Make sure to have your phone somewhere safe when around her as, if it falls to the floor out of your pocket, you won’t see her again for quite some time! When starting her celebrity lifestyle in the Cafe, Gatsby was the only one to notice the 1 o’clock cannon fire from the castle each day and needed extra treats for quite a while until the big boom became less scary.


Her favourite accessories are her black glitter collar or her pearls, taking her fashion inspiration from the 1920’s as her name suggests. Every year for her Birthday Gatsby holds a ‘Gatsby Party’ and this is definitely a date to save on the calendar as everyone in the Cafe gets dressed up in their vintage finery and special doggy and human treats are laid on for this day. There’s no party like a Gatsby Party after all!