Hepburn – all at once cute and cheeky!

  • AKA – Red, Sheeran, Heppie, Jep
  • Red Long Coat
  • DOB – 14/03/17
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • BFF – Faery
  • Fav Colour – Red
  • Fav Treat – Duck strips
  • Fav Teddy – Minnie Mouse

Hepburn is our youngest pack member and ditzy-est dog, she is often one of the main mischief makers. It’s hard to scold her as, just like Faery, she has a trick up her sleeve. When she gets too excited and gets a bit naughty Hepburn will come over to you very slowly, wiggle her body all over, and scrunch herself up so she appears to be dancing sideways. When told to sit, she will continue to wiggle, until you have to give in and give her love!

Her red, soft, fluffy fur gives her a striking resemblance to a fox. One of her favourite snoozing positions is curled up in to a little ball, with her tail covering her nose, really finishing the look. She loves snuggling with her sisters for warmth and is quite happy at the bottom of the pile, often only poking out her nose for a bit of air.

Hepburn loves chewing soft toys and can destroy a teddy within a few minutes, always wanting to pull the stuffing out. She also enjoys playing fetch but hasn’t ever really learnt the part of the game where you bring the ball back. Especially with Lady Bee always wanting to be the only one playing fetch, Hepburn will often wait for the perfect opportunity, then, dive in to grab the ball and run off to hide or find a perch to boast to all of her sisters and show off!


Hepburn often gets the fear of missing out and will often jump up to meet you once someone else has already chosen your lap. She can jump ridiculous distances and it’s not unusual to see her launch herself through the air. When on the ground she likes to come to you though and if you reach over head to pet her she will likely back away so get seated with a snuggly blanket to lure this lady.