Jasmine – Our Newest Recruit

  • AKA – Jazzy Jeff, Fuzzy Duck, The Bear Cub, Gremlin
  • DOB – 01/04/22
  • Chocolate Long Coat
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • BFF – Elsa
  • Fav Colour – Mauve
  • Fav Treat – Whatever anyone else has!
  • Fav Teddy – Lobster

Jasmine may have been born on April 1st but she is no fool! Jasmine is our youngest dog, and the first we have ever introduced to the “original” pack of cafe dogs.

So far Jasmine has shown that she is a confident little soul and has been excelling in her training. Whilst she is still a baby she is a part-time cafe dog, only spending time in the cafe for our special puppy play sessions on Sunday mornings, as well as a few extra hours a week to get her used to the important job of meeting people and getting cuddles.


She comes from the same breeder as Elsa as we knew this was someone who put a lot of love and experience into breeding chihuahuas. It also means that Elsa has taken the role of big sister, being Jasmine’s crate buddy and teaching her the ropes!

She does have the luxury of extra walks so we don’t have any puppy puddles in the cafe! She also has a crate through the back of the cafe so she can nap and relax in a safe and quiet area when needed.


If you see her in the cafe she will likely be on a lead or harness so we can spot her quickly if she’s sneaking under sofas or getting stuck behind furniture! It’s a lot like having a toddler in baby reigns – they get to explore and we know she is safe and not up to mischief!