5. Mug




Normally the best tip you can give us is a 5 star review on Google or Trip Advisor. Whilst we still love these we have been humbled by how many people have got in touch to say they really want to support us further during this difficult time.


We do not currently wish to offer unrestricted ambiguous items such as gift vouchers as we have no time frames for these. We do have some cute merch sat at home ready to post though and are starting sales with our wonderful mugs!


In store these retail for £12 and £3 postage fees have been added to your online order.


Click on the calendar (it is still set up as a calendar as we are not technologically gifted but please be aware you are not paying for a visit but for a mug and postage of this) and select the date available in July. Each space clicked equates to one mug and will cost £15 inclusive of postage.


Please be aware our payment processing is sometimes annoying and small typos can mean payment does not process. Please check the final page states payment has processed; if payment fails we do not receive anything.


Your address will be taken from the details you enter so please make sure this is clear and fully written or your mug is likely to not reach you!


Thank you for loving us as much as we love you! <3